Send us a Picture

Not sure about your boiler? Let us take the headache out of it for you

How To Send Us Your Picture

1 - Send us the boiler picture

Standing about a metre away or so back would be ideal

Ensure it isn’t too dark – that way the boiler is visible

Just check that there is a clear view with nothing in the way – again visibility is key

Please include any pipes at top or bottom of the boiler


2 - Show us any pipeworks

As always, stand about a metre away or so from the pipework

Consider lighting, make sure it’s not too dark

Clear view with nothing in the way


3 - Take a picture of the front of your home

4 - Take a picture of your flue exit

We also need to know where in the home this is


5 - Your Gas Meter

Please ensure we can see the make and model and its light enough